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Corporate State

"A modern corporate state is a state that does not destroy democratic institutes, but adapts them to its needs. It makes them branches of a closed system with a strict discipline. This discipline does not tolerate any attempts on criticism within the system and any deviation beyond its borders. This state gradually becomes a state of the absolute, total control of its officials over citizens. Such a state may be defined as a police state. This state is uncontrollable, since any attempt to combat this system simply leads to the appointment of new officials. [...] A system of selective appliance of law is formed. Unwelcome people are persecuted by legal means. The outcome of this policy may only be deplorable politically. It will lead to growth in corruption, monopolist trends both in the economy and in politics, a reduction in people's business activity, and total intimidation of the population."

      Grigori Iavlinski, in Novyie Izvestia, 24 février 2001.

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